We want to make extraordinary products. To do this we need to be surrounded by extraordinary people who love what they do and who excel at their craft.

Here's why

We believe the fashion industry is essentially the same as the literary, music and film industries.

The truth is that all four industries produce products no one needs yet consumers want to buy new stuff, or seem to "need" new things.

Wikipedia estimates 2.2 million books are released each year throughout the world, with 550,000 titles issued in the U.S.A., England and Canada alone. The Telegraph in England believes 10 million pieces of music have been released and are mostly available. IMDB figures there are over 10 million movies and TV shows readily accessible. There is no way to estimate how much unused clothing is lying around the world — which leads us to ask a very simple question. 

"With libraries stuffed with unread books, zillions of pieces of music unheard and more unseen film out there than any of us can imagine, why would anyone produce anything new?"

The most sustainable thing anyone can do is stop buying anything new. Why not read what has already been written? Why not watch what you have not seen? Why not listen to what has already been recorded? And lastly, and most importantly to us, why would anyone buy new clothes? 

In this reality, our thinking is that there is no point to make anything new if it is not exceptional.


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