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Olah Inc. is proud to offer advanced education to improve design and sourcing professionals’ practical understanding of denim, fiber, wet and dry processing, yarns and weaving, quality control, cost analysis and product development. The purpose of Denim College is to positively impact a brand’s buying, design and merchandising decisions.

Denim College may be attended in two ways:

1.  We come to you. Our in-person courses, which can be tailored to fit a brand’s needs or to address a team’s specific area of interest

2. On demand. Denim College On Demand consists of 5 stand-alone videos ranging from Yarn Manufacturing and Indigo Dyeing to Beaming & Slashing, Weaving and Finishing. Buy all 5 or touch up on specific topics.

Denim College Alumni:
American Eagle
Liz Claiborne
Jones Apparel
Ann Taylor
Polo/Ralph Lauren
Marc Jacobs
J. Brand
7 for All Mankind
J. Jill


Advanced Denim
This four-hour class is a comprehensive review of denim and its production and washing complexities. Students will be given an in-depth understanding of product development, industry standards, maximizing a mill’s capabilities and denim washing.


  • Basics of denim fiber and spinning
  • Dyeing processes
  • Weaving
  • Finishing
  • Fabric performance
  • Physical testing
  • Understanding the relationships between fabric selection on garment development


Advanced Wet Processing
This five-hour course provides an in-depth look at wet processing.


  • Wet processing
  • Dry processing
  • How to best determine wash developments
  • Writing formulas to achieve desired wash aesthetic
  • Understanding the order of operation for wet processing and quality control
  • Analytics of cost analysis for washing on a global scale
  • How wet and dry processing can relate to product perception in the market


Advanced Dry Processing
This three-hour overview of dry processing is designed to be taken in conjunction with the Advanced Wet Processing course.


  • Overview of chemistry involved in areas of dry processing.
  • Understanding the order of operation for dry processing and quality control vs. performance
  • Analytics of costing on a global scale


Brush-Up on Dyes and Dyestuff  
This three-hour course provides an in-depth review of all dyes used for textiles and garment making as well as their properties in relation to wash and fiber. This is a great option for a merchant or new fabric manager with limited knowledge of dyestuff or professionals who have not reviewed dyes and dye chemistry in recent years.

  • Direct dyes
  • Reactive dyes
  • Disperse dye
  • Acid dyes
  • Pigment dyes
  • Sulfur dyes


Brush-Up on Yarns and Twists  
This two-hour component reviews yarn types and fibers. This class is tailored for a merchant or new fabric manager moving into a new product category.

  • Ring
  • Open end
  • Compact
  • Core spun
  • Siro
  • Dual FX


Brush-Up on Weaving  
This two-hour component is a detailed course on reviewing weaving.


  • Textile weaving
  • Weaving properties
  • Diversity in style and technique
  • Performance differences amongst different weaving methods
  • How weaves can affect buying decisions

Olah Inc. also maintains the Denim Survival Guide and the Denim Dictionary to give professionals and beginners the most relevant and best possible information resources to help in research, design and development.



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